Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Number 6 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-75-0)

# Article Title
1 Dynamic Mobile Token for Web Security using MD5 and One Time Password Method
Authors : I Gede N. Agung Jayarana, A. A. Kt. Agung Cahyawan, Gusti Made Arya Sasmita
2 Implementation of Dynamic System Approach for Radio Location Fingerprinting in WLANS
Authors : K. Divya, M. Anusha, S. Anusha
3 Recognition of Similar appearing Gujarati Characters using Fuzzy-KNN Algorithm
Authors : Amit H. Choksi, Shital P. Thakkar
4 Efficient Complexity Reduction Technique for Parallel FIR Digital Filter based on Fast FIR Algorithm
Authors : J. Selvakumar, Vidhyacharan Bhaskar
5 Decoupled Sliding Mode Control for a Multivariable Nonlinear System
Authors : Fayez G. Areed, Mohamed A. Badr, Sabry F. Saraya, Mohammed S. Elksasy, Mohamed M. Abdelsalam
6 Reliability and Cost-benefit Analysis of a Single Unit System with Degradation and Inspection at Different Stages of Failure subject to Weather Conditions
Authors : M. S. Kadyan, Promila
7 Performance Analysis of Classification Tree Learning Algorithms
Authors : D. L. Gupta, A. K. Malviya, Satyendra Singh
8 PromChoq: A Multicriteria Decision Aid Method for Actions Ranking
Authors : Saddek Benabied, Salsabile Goucem, Hakim Bendjenna