Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
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Number 5 (ISBN: 973-93-80873-65-9)

# Article Title
1 Evaluation and Study of Transition Techniques Addressed on IPv4-IPv6
Authors : Sheryl Radley, D. Shalini Punithavathani, L. K. Indumathi
2 In silico Structural Analysis and Binding of Organophosphorus hydrolase of Kocuria sp with Chloropyrifos
Authors : Nagavardhanam Neti, Vishnuvardhan Zakkula
3 Authentication System with Graphical Security and Sound Signature
Authors : Vikram Verma, Shilpi Sharma
4 Digital Image Steganography Concept and Evaluation
Authors : Seyyed Amin Seyyedi, Rauf. Kh Sadykhov
5 Analysis of Forest of Hashed Exponential Trees
Authors : Nikita, Neha Arora, Puneet Kumar
6 Revenue Maximization for Cloud Computing Environment through Resource Sharing by SLA
Authors : Asish Mishra, Muheet Ahmed Butt, Majid Zaman
7 Low Truncation Error and Area Efficient Multiplier for Cryptographic Applications
Authors : G. Umamaheswari, S. Shivkumar, R. Deepika
8 Correlation between Uplink Noise, Uplink Load and Call Drop Rate in a WCDMA Network
Authors : Ojemeni Uzoma