Call for Paper - May 2023 Edition
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Number 23 (ISBN: 973-93-80874-48-3)

# Article Title
1 Green Computing in Communication Networks
Authors : Annapurna Patil, Abhinandan Goti
2 A Damage Assessment Model in a Distributed System
Authors : Parimal Kumar Giri, Satya Ranjan Mohapatra
3 Facial Expression Recognition using Gabor Wavelet
Authors : Mahesh Kumbhar, Manasi Patil, Ashish Jadhav
4 Chaos Suppression in forced Van Der Pol Oscillator
Authors : Mchiri Mohamed, Trabelsi Karim, Safya Belghith
5 An Enhanced Version of Pattern Matching Algorithm using Bitwise XOR Operation
Authors : K. P. Ambika, U. Ramesh, K. Saravanan, J. Hencil Peter
6 Time Synchronization Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network based on Hash Code
Authors : Sachin Umrao, Arun Kumar Tripathi
7 Ensuring the Legality of the Digital Forensics Process in South Africa
Authors : Jason Jordaan
8 Establishing the Validity of Md5 and Sha-1 Hashing in Digital Forensic Practice in Light of Recent Research Demonstrating Cryptographic Weaknesses in These Algorithms
Authors : Veronica Schmitt, Jason Jordaan