Call for Paper - October 2019 Edition
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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80877-27-3)

# Article Title
1 An MMO based Approach to Detect and Prevent Intrusion
Authors : Vasima Khan, Kiran Pandey
2 Threshold Voltage Control through Multiple Supply for Low Power IG-FinFET Circuit
Authors : Manorama, Pavan Shrivastava, Saurabh Khandelwal, Shyam Akashe
3 A Comprehensive Analysis for Extracting Single Diode PV Model Parameters by Hybrid GA-PSO Algorithm
Authors : C. Saravanan, M. A. Panneerselvam
4 A Recommender System for Web Mining using Neural Network and Fuzzy Algorithm
Authors : Maral Kolahkaj, Ali Haroun Abadi, Mehdi Sadegh Zade
5 A Literal Review of Software Quality Assurance
Authors : C. Senthil Murugan, S. Prakasam
6 A Framework for Load Sharing in Clustered Ad Hoc Networks
Authors : Ratish Agarwal, Mahesh Motwani, Roopam Gupta
7 Maximum Degree Energy of Certain Mesh Derived Networks
Authors : Rajesh Kanna M. R, Dharmendra B. N, Shashi R, Ramyashree R A