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IEM: A New Image Enhancement Metric for Contrast and Sharpness Measurements

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2013 by IJCA Journal
Volume 79 - Number 9
Year of Publication: 2013
Jaya V. L
R. Gopikakumari

Jaya V L and R Gopikakumari. Article: IEM: A New Image Enhancement Metric for Contrast and Sharpness Measurements. International Journal of Computer Applications 79(9):1-9, October 2013. Full text available. BibTeX

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Evaluation of images, after processing, is an important step for determining how well the images are being processed. Quality of image is usually assessed using image quality metrics. Unfortunately, most of the commonly used metrics cannot adequately describe the visual quality of the enhanced image. There is no universal measure, which specifies both the objective and subjective validity of the enhancement for all types of images. This paper is a study of the various quantitative metrics for enhancement against changes in contrast and sharpness of both general and medical images. A new metric is proposed that is useful for measuring the improvement in contrast as well as sharpness. It is computationally simple and can be used for all types of images.


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