Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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Volume 83

Number 1

Editor's choice: An Evolutionary Approach for Solving the N-Jobs M-Machines Permutation Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem with Break-Down Times
Author : Armando Rosas-gonzález, Dulce-maría Clemente-guerrero, Santiago-omar Caballero-morales, Jorge-carmen Flores-juan

Number 2

Editor's choice: A New Zero Knowledge Identification Scheme based on Weil Pairing
Author : B. K. Sharma, Hemlal Sahu, Neetu Sharma

Number 3

Editor's choice: A New Strategy to Synthesis an Optimum Controllable HEN by using Fuzzy Analogical Gates
Author : M. H. Hussein, H. Moselhy, S. Aly, M. E. Awad

Number 4

Number 5

Editor's choice: Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using Decision Tree Models and SVM
Author : Alaa. M. Elsayad, H. A. Elsalamony

Number 6

Number 7

Editor's choice: Railway Track Finding System with RFID Application
Author : Anand Kr. Gupta, Sushant Katiyar, Nitin Kumar

Number 8

Editor's choice: Generalization of Semi-Projective Modules
Author : Manoj Kumar Patel, B. M. Pandeya, V. Kumar

Number 9

Editor's choice: Detection of Hydrocephalus Lateral Ventricles Quantitatively in Brain MRI images of Infants
Author : S. Javeed Hussain, T. Satya Savitri, P. V. Sree Devi

Number 10

Editor's choice: A Fuzzy Logic based Handwritten Numeral Recognition System
Author : Mahmood K Jasim, Anwar M Al-saleh, Alaa Aljanaby

Number 11

Editor's choice: Energy ef?cient DSR Algorithm based on topology for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Author : Ahlem Drif, Abdellah Boukerram

Number 12

Editor's choice: Enhanced Management of Certificate Caching and Revocation Lists in VANET
Author : Sadiq H. Abdulhussain

Number 13

Number 14

Number 15

Editor's choice: A Trustable Software Agent Framework for the Examination Paper Preparation and Moderation Process (EPMP)
Author : Abdulrazaq Nathim Abdulrazaq, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Mohd Zaliman M. Yusoff, Moamin A. Mahmoud

Number 16

Editor's choice: Novel Photovoltaic Module Modeling using Matlab/Simulink
Author : Amevi Acakpovi, Essel Ben Hagan

Number 17

Editor's choice: ANN-based Classifier for PAF Prediction
Author : Ashraf Anwar Fahmy, Fahad Al Raddady