Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
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Number 10 (ISBN: 973-93-80882-30-8)

# Article Title
1 An Investigation into the Central Data Warehouse based Association Rule Mining
Authors : Gurpreet Singh Bhamra, Anil Kumar Verma, Ram Bahadur Patel
2 Atomic Scale Simulation of Dislocation Loops Formation in Thin Foil under High Energy Electron Irradiation
Authors : E. Boucetta, A. Amghar, H. Idrissi-saba, A. M. Gué, D. Estève, M. Djafari-rouhani
3 Study of Different Adaptive Filter Algorithms for Noise Cancellation in Real-Time Environment
Authors : G. V. P. Chandra Sekhar Yadav, B. Ananda Krishna
4 High Performance Implementation of Universal Gate using Low Power Source Gating Technique
Authors : Harmeet Singh Arora, Rohan Kochar, Geetanjali Sharma
5 Search for Secure Random 8-bit Generator by Modular Approach of Statistical Test
Authors : J K M Sadique Uz Zamanand Ranjan Ghosh
6 Optimizing the Multilayer Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Networks Architecture and Training Parameters using Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Osman Ahmed Abdalla, Abdelrahman Osman Elfaki, Yahya Mohammed Almurtadha
7 Mitigating DDoS using Threshold-based Filtering in Collaboration with Capability Mechanisms
Authors : Shubha Mishra, R. K. Pateriya
8 Application Specific Hardware Design Simulation for High Performance Embedded System
Authors : Ravi Khatwal, Manoj Kumar Jain