Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
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Number 14 (ISBN: 973-93-80882-34-0)

# Article Title
1 Job Scheduling in Grid Computing with Fast Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm
Authors : M. A. Awad El-bayoumy, M. Z. Rashad, M. A. Elsoud, M. A. El-dosuky
2 Usage of Tonaton. Com by Buyers and Sellers: A Survey of Car Dealers in Kumasi Metropolis
Authors : Peter Appiahene, Opoku Michael, Alorwu D. K. Daniel
3 Integrating Variational Level Set Method and Fuzzy c-Means to Automatically Segment the MRI Brain Images
Authors : Pratibha Singh, H. S. Bhadauria, Annapurna Bhadauria
4 Hardware Acceleration of Hamming Code: Design of Runtime Reconfigurable FPGA Prototype
Authors : Rohit Jain, Praddumna Deshpande, Pournima Shah
5 Validate the Correctness of Object Oriented Program with Regression Testing
Authors : Tarun Kumar, Mayank Singh, Arun Sharma
6 A Survey on Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors : Shaveta Jain, Kushagra Agrawal
7 TRMM Mapping using Different Models in Iraq
Authors : Hussain Zaydan Ali, Salih M. Al-qaraawi, Ghusoon Eidan Arab
8 Add-on Security Level for Public Key Cryptosystem using Magic Rectangle with Column/Row Shifting
Authors : D. I. George Amalarethinam, J. Sai Geetha, K. Mani