Call for Paper - April 2021 Edition
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Volume 98

Number 1

Number 2

Editor's choice: A Framework of E-learning System for Students' Engagement with Cognitive Tasks to Enhance Learning Performance
Author : Oluwatoyin Catherine Agbonifo, Olumide Sunday Adewale

Number 3

Editor's choice: Transient Analysis of Communication Network Model with Homogeneous Poisson arrivals and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
Author : Ch. V. Raghavendran, G. Naga Satish, M. V. Rama Sundari, P. Suresh Varma

Number 4

Editor's choice: Assessment and Validating the Quality of Educational Web Sites using Subtractive Clustering
Author : Ramin Afshoon, Ali Harounabadi, Javad Mir Abedini

Number 5

Editor's choice: Modification of View Field in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Author : Jingjing Xiao, Hongyu Ren, Wusheng Luo

Number 6

Editor's choice: Smart Compression for Telemedicine
Author : Ershad Sharifahmadian, Shahram Latifi

Number 7

Editor's choice: RelationalJSON, An Enriched Method to Store and Query JSON Records
Author : Ankit Bharthan, Devesh Bharathan

Number 8

Editor's choice: New Global Formulation for a Bilateral based Stereo Matching Algorithm
Author : Doaa A. Altantawy, Marwa Obbaya, Sherif S. Kishk

Number 9

Editor's choice: Generation of Dynamic Group Digital Signature
Author : Rajasree R. S.

Number 10

Editor's choice: Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using Decision Tree Data Mining Technique
Author : Ronak Sumbaly, N. Vishnusri, S. Jeyalatha

Number 11

Number 12

Editor's choice: Performance Evaluation of Three-Node Tandem Communication Network Model with Feedback for First Two nodes Having Non Homogeneous Poisson Arrivals
Author : G. Naga Satish, Ch. V. Raghavendran, M. V. Rama Sundari, P. Suresh Varma

Number 13

Editor's choice: Newton's-Like Method for Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations with Singular Jacobian
Author : H. A. Aisha, W. L. Fatima, M. Y Waziri

Number 14

Editor's choice: Histogram Equilization on Wavelet based Compression Techniques
Author : Sandeep Dalal, Poonam Rani

Number 15

Editor's choice: Facial Features Extraction by Relative Geometrical Position
Author : Sundos A. Hameed

Number 16

Editor's choice: Design and Implementation of a Sliding Mode Attitude Controller of a Satellite in Software in the Loop Test Bed
Author : Farhad Fani Saberi, Alireza Fazlyab, Abbas Ajorkar

Number 17

Number 18

Editor's choice: Wavelet based Power Quality Monitoring in Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System
Author : Bhavna Jain, Shailendra Jain, R. K. Nema

Number 19

Editor's choice: Calculating Page Pertinence for Web Referencing: A New Approach
Author : H. Barboucha, M. Nasri

Number 20

Editor's choice: Analytical Adjustment of Image Contrast
Author : Tajbia Karim, Tasnuva Tasneem

Number 21

Editor's choice: An Efficient Trust Management Technique for Delay Tolerant Network
Author : Ranjan Singh, Meenu Chawla

Number 22

Editor's choice: A Simulated Annealing approach for solving Minimum Manhattan Network Problem
Author : S. M. Ferdous, Anindya Das