Call for Paper - March 2020 Edition
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Number 15 (ISBN: 973-93-80883-15-9)

# Article Title
1 A Novel Technique of Image Mosaicing based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and its Performance Evaluation
Authors : Ravi Bhushan, Ramesh Kumar Sunkaria
2 Recognition of Isolated Telugu Words with Soft and Hard Sounds using Hidden Markov Models
Authors : Shaik Shafee, B. Anuradha
3 DC Shunt Motor Control using Wavelet Network
Authors : Mohammed Kamil Hilfi, David Cheng
4 Cryptanalysis to Secure System
Authors : Banita Chadha, Puneet Goswami
5 Instruction Customization: A Challenge in ASIP Realization
Authors : Deepti Shrimal, Manoj Kumar Jain
6 Analysis of a Known Offline E-Coin System
Authors : Sattar J. Aboud, Ammar Agoun
7 A Survey on Sybil Attack in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
Authors : Deepak Kushwaha, Piyush Kumar Shukla, Raju Baraskar
8 Facial Features Extraction by Relative Geometrical Position
Authors : Sundos A. Hameed