Call for Paper - March 2020 Edition
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Number 8 (ISBN: 973-93-80882-98-3)

# Article Title
1 Improving Performance of WSN based Crop Monitoring System with the Help of ANN
Authors : Mahesh Vhatkar, Deepak Mehetre
2 Effect of Windowing on the Calculation of MFCC Statistical Parameter for Different Gender in Hindi Speech
Authors : Dheeraj Rana, Anurag Jain
3 Enhanced Data Encryption Standard using Variable Size Key (128N Bits) and 96 Bit Subkey
Authors : Awadh Kishor Singh, Seema Varshney
4 Method for Recognition of Vehicles with Kannada Number Plate
Authors : Shivanand S. Rumma, Vishweshwarayya C. H, Bhuvaneshwari B. D
5 Handwritten Kannada Numeral Recognition using Radial Basis Function
Authors : Shivanand Rumma, Vishweshwarayya C. H, Bhuvaneshwari B. D
6 New Global Formulation for a Bilateral based Stereo Matching Algorithm
Authors : Doaa A. Altantawy, Marwa Obbaya, Sherif S. Kishk
7 Sampling Process Model for Coordination and Communication in Free/Open Source Software Projects
Authors : Preet Kanwal, Anu Gupta, Ravinder Kumar Singla
8 Comparative Power Analysis of LFSR Test Pattern Generators
Authors : H. Srikanth Kamath, Aakash Nath, Shobhit Kumar Srivastava, Saket Garg