Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80888-26-3)

# Article Title
1 Obstacle Detection Based on Color cue: Review and Proposed techniques
Authors : Shailesh Mehra, Ajay Mittal Shubham, Vijayvargiya
2 A Study on Challenges Associated in Coverage Problem in WSN
Authors : Yashika Dahiya, Krishan Kumar, Geet Sandhu
3 A Survey: Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining
Authors : Sonamdeep Kaur, Sarika Chaudhary, Neha Bishnoi
4 Fault Tolerance Approach in Mobile Distributed Systems
Authors : Renu, Praveen Kumar
5 QR Code Implementation in Photo I-Card for Photo and Text Credentials using . NET
Authors : Sharu Goel, Ajay Kumar Singh
6 Compromised Security of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks and its Implications
Authors : Komal
7 Performance Exploration of Energy Proficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Adhoc Network
Authors : Sonam, Vivek Jaglan, Meenu Vijarania