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A Review of Forensic Artifacts in a Windows 8 Environment

Published on July 2015 by Mohit Soni, Seema R. Pathak
Innovations in Computing and Information Technology (Cognition 2015)
Foundation of Computer Science USA
COGNITION2015 - Number 4
July 2015
Authors: Mohit Soni, Seema R. Pathak

Mohit Soni, Seema R. Pathak . A Review of Forensic Artifacts in a Windows 8 Environment. Innovations in Computing and Information Technology (Cognition 2015). COGNITION2015, 4 (July 2015), 25-28.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 Innovations in Computing and Information Technology (Cognition 2015)
%A Mohit Soni
%A Seema R. Pathak
%T A Review of Forensic Artifacts in a Windows 8 Environment
%J Innovations in Computing and Information Technology (Cognition 2015)
%@ 0975-8887
%N 4
%P 25-28
%D 2015
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Forensic artifacts refer to bits of information that an operating system records, when a user is using his computer system. These bits of data are user/session specific and provide all information regarding the use of a particular application or program along with the necessary time stamps. A digital forensic investigator needs to be aware of such artifacts in order to perform a legally acceptable, accurate and tool-independent analysis of a questioned system. This paper provides a comprehensive review guide for all forensic artifacts available in a Windows 8 environment. These artifacts supply both conclusive and probative evidence to an investigator and form vital preliminaries of incident response in a digital crime scenario.

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