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COMNET (ISBN: 973-93-80864-61-7)

# Article Title
1 Survey of Power Line Communication
Authors : Nutan Sharma, Tanuja Pande, M. Shukla
2 Simulation of Measurement Based Admission Control using NS2
Authors : Heena Rathore, Manish Goyal, Dharm Singh
3 Virtualization Driven Mashup Container in Cloud Computing PaaS Model
Authors : Hitesh A Bheda, Chirag S Thaker
4 A Comparative Study of Energy Efficient Air Indexing Techniques for Uniform Broadcasting
Authors : Vikas Goel, Anil Kumar Ahlawat, M.N. Gupta
5 SaaS Service Recommendation System based on SLA Ontology
Authors : B.Saravana Balaji, N.K.Karthikeyan, S.Mani, P.Bhuvaneswari
6 A Hybrid Encryption Technique to Secure Bluetooth Communication
Authors : P S Patheja, Akhilesh A. Waoo, Sudhir Nagwanshi
7 Refining Human Reliability through Application of Strategic Management
Authors : Aman Dheer, Hitesh Kapoor
8 Comparative Analysis of DSDV and OLSR Routing Protocols in MANET at Different Traffic Load
Authors : Ramprasad Kumawat, Vinay Somani
9 Vulnerabilities, Attacks and their Detection Techniques in Ad hoc Network
Authors : Rauki Yadav, Naveen Hemrajani
10 A Survey of Attacks Happened at Different Layers of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network & Some Available Detection Techniques
Authors : Mohammad Wazid, Rajesh Kumar Singh, R. H. Goudar
11 Comparative Study of Multipath- Based Routing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Prashant Chaudhari, Haresh Rathod, B. V. Budhhadev
12 Evaluating the Performance of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks with Low Forwarding Index
Authors : Surendra Singh Choudhary, Vijander Singh, Reena Dadhich
13 Mobility Simulation of Reactive Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Authors : Reena Dadhich, Ramesh C. Poonia
14 Comparative Analysis of Reactive Routing Protocols for MANET at Different Traffic Load
Authors : Ramprasad Kumawat, Vinay Somani
15 Zero-Day Attack Signatures Detection Using Honeypot
Authors : Reshma R. Patel, Chirag S. Thaker
16 Performance Analysis of IPv4 v/s IPv6 in Virtual Environment using UBUNTU
Authors : Savita Shiwani, G.N. Purohit, Naveen Hemrajani
17 Comparative Analysis of PTS and Iterative Flipping Scheme for Reduction of PAPR in OFDMA Networks
Authors : Kamal Singh, Manoranjan Rai Bharti, Rohit Sharma
18 Least Squares Algorithms for Time of Arrival Based Mobile Source Localization and Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Anita Panwar, Anish Kumar, Sh. Ashok Kumar
19 Comparison of Parents Selection Methods of Genetic Algorithm for TSP
Authors : Chetan Chudasama, S. M. Shah, Mahesh Panchal
20 Per-Sensor Energy-Saving MAC Protocol Design for Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Naveen Chauhan, Rakesh Bisht
21 Multi-Objective Supply Chain Model through an Ant Colony Optimization Approach
Authors : Anamika K. Mittal, Chirag S. Thaker, Gaurav N. Sutaria
22 Indian Readiness Towards Migration from IPV4 to IPV6
Authors : Pawan Shanker Sharma, Shailendra Singh Tanwar, Neeta Sen
23 Evolution of Geographic Content Location Protocol (GCLP) for MANET
Authors : Ajay Singh, Abhay Chaturvedi, Utkarsh Aeron
24 Optimized Scheduling Algorithm
Authors : Lalit Kishor, Dinesh Goyal, Rajendra Singh, Praveen Sharma
25 Sniffing: A Major Threat to Secure Socket layer and its Detection
Authors : Ajay Mathur, Sudhir Kr.Sharma, Amit Mishra