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Trends in e-learning standards

Published on None 2011 by J. L Fernandez, J. M. Carrillo, J. Nicolas, A. Toval, M. I. Carrion
Design and Evaluation of Digital Content for Education
Foundation of Computer Science USA
DEDCE - Number 1
None 2011
Authors: J. L Fernandez, J. M. Carrillo, J. Nicolas, A. Toval, M. I. Carrion

J. L Fernandez, J. M. Carrillo, J. Nicolas, A. Toval, M. I. Carrion . Trends in e-learning standards. Design and Evaluation of Digital Content for Education. DEDCE, 1 (None 2011), 49-54.

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%A J. L Fernandez
%A J. M. Carrillo
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%A A. Toval
%A M. I. Carrion
%T Trends in e-learning standards
%J Design and Evaluation of Digital Content for Education
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%P 49-54
%D 2011
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

International e-learning standards and specifications have been widely studied and developed for over one decade. The literature on e-learning standards and specifications consists of approaches, tools and empirical results which are gaining special attention in the last years. Two main contributions are made in this paper: (1) a survey of the international e-learning standards, specifications and organizations; (2) the results of a review which provide evidence that e-learning standards and specifications are reaching a state of applicability, while the topic of e-learning itself is the subject of increasing interest. Finally, the main potential e-learning standardization fields are identified.

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Computer Science
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