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Usability of Cloud SaaS based E-Governance for People with Disabilities

IJCA Proceedings on EGovernance and Cloud Computing Services - 2012
© 2012 by IJCA Journal
EGOV - Number 2
Year of Publication: 2012
N. Rajkumar
B. Gohin
Viji Vinod

N Rajkumar, B Gohin and Viji Vinod. Article: Usability of Cloud SaaS based E-Governance for People with Disabilities. IJCA Proceedings on EGovernance and Cloud Computing Services - 2012 EGOV(2):23-28, December 2012. Full text available. BibTeX

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People with disabilities in society has been rapidly increasing due to the demographic trends long documented by many researchers,now-a-days the governmental leaders have paid little attention to their needs when planning and implementing Cloud SaaS projects. If this ignorance continues in society, people with disabilities will be even more disadvantaged . Since the acquiring knowledge is now much easier for those without any disabilities. This research is intended to provide an in-depth evaluation of the E-Governance sites of India's central government based on the Web Content Accessibility (WCA) Guidelines provided by W3C(World Wide Web Consortium). Based on the WCA Guidelines, we have studied and coded each individual E-Governance site of the central government. The results indicate that the governmental Web sites in general have made many mistakes . In light of these research findings, this paper offers a number of levels to improve the Cloud Based SaaS design practices in India that may also apply to public organizations in general and disability community people can also access the services easily.


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