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Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithm

Published on March 2017 by Chandani Santosh Jain, S. M. Kamalapur
Emerging Trends in Computing
Foundation of Computer Science USA
ETC2016 - Number 2
March 2017
Authors: Chandani Santosh Jain, S. M. Kamalapur

Chandani Santosh Jain, S. M. Kamalapur . Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithm. Emerging Trends in Computing. ETC2016, 2 (March 2017), 11-14.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 Emerging Trends in Computing
%A Chandani Santosh Jain
%A S. M. Kamalapur
%T Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithm
%J Emerging Trends in Computing
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%V ETC2016
%N 2
%P 11-14
%D 2017
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Hypergraph is an abstraction of graph in which edges are non-empty subset of vertex set. Hypergraph has edges that connect set of two or more vertices. Hypergraph are more suitable to represent complex relational objects in many real-world problems. There is need to make the partitions of the hypergraph to analyze the whole hypergraph. Multilevel partitioning techniques are used to obtain subgraph. Sometimes they are inadequate to follow global objective function. Here hypergraph partitioning is making partitions of vertex set into the subset of vertices which are distributed smoothly to form subgraphs and having minimum intersections between this subgraphs. The hypergraph partitioning problem is used in many scientific computing, social network analysis than the similar graph problem.

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