Call for Paper - August 2022 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 973-93-80883-60-1)

# Article Title
1 Classification of Power Signal by using S-Transform and PSO based FLANN
Authors : M. Mohanty, S. Mishra
2 Classification of Power Signals using ACO based K-Means Algorithm and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm
Authors : Varsha Bal, Satyasis Mishra
3 Topology based Radial Distribution Network and its Voltage Stability Analysis
Authors : M. Mohanty, M. Senapati, N. K. Ray
4 Simulation and Modeling of Automatic Generation Control using PI and PID Controller in Deregulated Environment
Authors : Akankshya Mishra, Minakhi Behera
5 Hybrid Model of Multilevel Inverter with Selected Harmonic Elimination
Authors : M. Senapati, M. Mohanty, K Mahapatra
6 Harmonic Analysis of Grid Connected Wind Farm under Different Fault Condition
Authors : Pragnya Jita Satpathy, Asima Sabat
7 Numerical Routine based Optimization of Performance Parameters of a Self Excited Induction Generator
Authors : Birendra Kumar Debta, Ayush Bansal, Satish Panda
8 Speed Control of Induction Motor using Scalar Control Technique
Authors : Pabitra Kumar Behera, Manoj Kumar Behera, Amit Kumar Sahoo
9 Query Intent Classification using Semi- Supervised Learning
Authors : Safallya Dhar, Sandeepan Swain, B. S. P. Mishra
10 Analysis of Complete-Link Clustering for Identifying and Visualizing Multi-attribute Transactional Data using MATLAB
Authors : Arna Prabha Jena, Annan Naidu Paidi
11 A Novel Approach for Confidence Estimation using Support Vector Machines for more Accurate Value Prediction
Authors : Snigdha M. Mohapatra, Pradipta K. Mishra
12 An Efficient Security Protocol based on ECC with Forward Secrecy and Public Verification
Authors : Anjali Pandey, Sumanjit Das
13 A Novel Proficient Blind Signature Scheme using ECC
Authors : Nitu Singh, Sumanjit Das
14 DART Evolved for Web - A Comparative Study with JavaScript
Authors : Sabyasachi Mohanty, Smriti Rekha Dey
15 A Survey on Two Dimensional Cellular Automata and Its Application in Image Processing
Authors : Deepak Ranjan Nayak, Prashanta Kumar Patra, Amitav Mahapatra