A Survey on Security of Multimedia using Various Soft Computing Techniques

IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Emergent Trends in Computing and Communication
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ETCC 2015 - Number 1
Year of Publication: 2015
Arun Kumar Bisoyi
Subhalaxmi Das
Amitav Mahapatra

Arun Kumar Bisoyi, Subhalaxmi Das and Amitav Mahapatra. Article: A Survey on Security of Multimedia using Various Soft Computing Techniques. IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Emergent Trends in Computing and Communication ETCC 2015(1):12-17, September 2015. Full text available. BibTeX

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In the recent years, with the development of network and multimedia technology, multimedia data, especially image, audio and video data are used more and more widely in human society. In this regard, to protect multimedia contents, cryptology, which appears to be an effective way for information security, has been employed in many practical applications. This Paper, make a survey on various techniques for securities of Multimedia content using soft computing approach


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