Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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GTETC-IP (ISBN: 973-93-80881-91-6)

# Article Title
1 Change Detection using Pulse Coupled Neural Network
Authors : Geeta Desai, Sonal Gahankari
2 Image Processing Approach for Malarial Parasite Identification
Authors : K. M. Khatri, V. R. Ratnaparkhe, S. S. Agrawal, A. S. Bhalchandra
3 Design of Energy Efficient Smart Wireless Embedded System for Study of Greenhouse Related Parameters using Multi-nodal Sensing
Authors : Kolapkar M. M, Sayyad S. B, Kakade V. J
4 Digital Composting using Chroma
Authors : Heena . T, Bhavana. V, Jinelle. D, Fabian. K, M. Mani Roja, Ashwini. K
5 FPGA Implementation of Pipelined Architecture for RC5
Authors : Rakesh Bhimannavar, Jayashree H V
6 A Secure Scheme for Multiple Images Transmission and its VLSI Realization
Authors : K. Deergha Rao, Ch. Gangadhar, P. V. Murali Krishna
7 A Wearable Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor for Aiding Visually Impaired and Blind Individuals
Authors : V. Diana Earshia, S. M. Kalaivanan, Angel Dayana
8 Evaluation of Various Gas Mixtures in Order to Avoid Disasters in Various Fire Zone Areas
Authors : L. K. Wadhwa, Shradha Satpute, Tejeshree S. Tapadiya, Anupam, Pallavi Lokhande
9 Advances in Ultrasonic Instrumentation for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Mechanical Components of Nuclear Reactors
Authors : V. H. Patankar
10 Survey of Indian Power Grid: Overview and Challenges
Authors : Gresha S Bhatia, J. W. Bakal