Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80880-92-4)

# Article Title
1 A Complete Survey on Web Document Ranking
Authors : Shashank Gugnani, Tushar Bihany, Rajendra Kumar Roul
2 Survey of Various Image Enhancement Techniques in Spatial Domain using MATLAB
Authors : Shailendra Singh Negi, Bhumika Gupta
3 An Overview of Cryptographically Secure Pseudorandom Number Generators and BBS
Authors : Divyanjali, Ankur, Vikas Pareek
4 Performance Evaluation of Error Back Propagation Algorithm for Non-Linear Classification and Function Approximation in VHDL Platform
Authors : Soumava Kumar Roy, Crefeda Faviola Rodrigues
5 Web Document Clustering and Ranking using Tf-Idf based Apriori approach
Authors : Rajendra Kumar Roul, Omanwar Rohit Devanand, Sanjay Kumar Sahay
6 Performance Analysis of Distributed Database during Preliminary Design stages using ER model
Authors : S. Jagannatha, T. V Suresh Kumar, Rajanikanth
7 Implementing Morphological Operators for Edge Detection on 3D Biomedical Images
Authors : Sadhana Singh, Ashish Agrawal, Shiv Kumar Vaish
8 Oppositional Biogeography-Based Optimization for Solving Economic Dispatch Problems: An Efficient Method
Authors : K. P. Singh Parmar, Bhuvnesh Khokhar