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e-Health Applications

Published on January 2013 by Deepak Kumar Mohapatra
International Conference in Distributed Computing and Internet Technology 2013
Foundation of Computer Science USA
ICDCIT - Number 1
January 2013
Authors: Deepak Kumar Mohapatra

Deepak Kumar Mohapatra . e-Health Applications. International Conference in Distributed Computing and Internet Technology 2013. ICDCIT, 1 (January 2013), 6-11.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 International Conference in Distributed Computing and Internet Technology 2013
%A Deepak Kumar Mohapatra
%T e-Health Applications
%J International Conference in Distributed Computing and Internet Technology 2013
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%P 6-11
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%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Health services comprise a broad range of healthcare services delivered by using information and communication technology. In order to support existing as well as emerging e- Health services over converged next generation network (NGN) architectures, there is a need for network quality of service (QoS) control mechanisms that meet the often stringent requirements of such services. In this paper, we evaluate the QoS support for e - Health services in the context of the Evolved Packet System (EPS), specified by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) as a multi-access all-IP NGN. We classify heterogeneous e-Health services based on context and network QoS requirements and propose a mapping to existing 3GPP QoS Class Identifiers (QCIs) that serve as a basis for the class-based QoS concept of the EPS. The proposed mapping aims to provide network operators with guidelines for meeting heterogeneous e-Health service requirements. As an example, we present the QoS requirements for a prototype e-Health service supporting tele-consultation between a patient and a doctor and illustrate the use of the proposed mapping to QCIs in standardized QoS control procedures.

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