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A Survey on Formal Modelling for Secure Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology
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ICDCIT 2015 - Number 1
Year of Publication: 2015
Parul Yadav
Manish Gaur

Parul Yadav and Manish Gaur. Article: A Survey on Formal Modelling for Secure Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology ICDCIT 2015(1):18-23, January 2015. Full text available. BibTeX

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Mobile ad hoc network is an autonomous collection of mobile or stationary nodes communicating with each other via radio transceivers that has limited radio transmission range. In ad hoc networking, nodes are connected without any fixed infrastructure. Applications for mobile ad hoc network range from personal networks to emergency services. Major challenges to these innovative networks are due to highly dynamic topology and limitation of resources like battery power & bandwidth. Security of routing protocols is one of the crucial and emerging issues in mobile ad hoc networks. A lot of secure versions of routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks are already been proposed by eminent researchers. But most of them are tested by means of simulation. Simulation techniques have its limitations as it can only find presence of error rather than absence of error. To overcome this situation, formal methods are used that can verify systems using theorem proving or automated model checking techniques. This paper presents a survey on research done, so far, in line of formal modelling for secure routing in mobile ad hoc networks. The novelty of this paper is to highlight key features of proposed models for MANETs and open an area for future research.


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