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Synchronization of Two Tent Map Systems

IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Emerging Trends in Informatics and Communication
© 2016 by IJCA Journal
ICETIC 2016 - Number 1
Year of Publication: 2016
Avantika Agarwal
Debanjana Datta
Mili Khatun

Avantika Agarwal, Debanjana Datta and Mili Khatun. Article: Synchronization of Two Tent Map Systems. IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Emerging Trends in Informatics and Communication ICETIC 2016(1):38-42, September 2016. Full text available. BibTeX

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Synchronization is one of the most important requirements for designing a Digital Communication System. Synchronization here means feeding both the transmitter and the receiver with the same carrier signal for demodulating the modulated signal accurately. The more accurate is the synchronization, the more accurate is the demodulated signal. Unfortunately, synchronizing the transmitter system and the receiver system perfectly is very complex and difficult. Thus, in this paper, two Tent Map Systems have been synchronized. There is a master system which controls a slave system and synchronization is achieved quickly due to the feedback mechanisms and cascading connections made between both the systems.


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