Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 973-93-80872-00-6)

# Article Title
1 Design of a Soil Moisture Sensing Unit for Smart Irrigation Application
Authors : Sweety R. Nandurkar, Vijaya R. Thool
2 Classification of Microcalcification in Digital Mammogram using Stochastic Neighbor Embedding and KNN Classifier
Authors : S. Mohan Kumar, G. Balakrishnan
3 Modeling and Investigating the Characteristics Performance of Wet and Dry Scrubbers
Authors : R. Krishnaraj, M. Sakthivel, S. R. Devadassan
4 Investigation of Performance Efficiency on the Effect of Wet Scrubber Inlet Dimensions on the Flow Pattern
Authors : R. Krishnaraj, M. Sakthivel, S. R. Devadassan
5 Embedded Data Acquisition System for High Energy Cosmic Ray Experiments
Authors : Anaisha Jaykumar, Alesha Patel, Nehalika Dugad
6 Data Auditing in Cloud Environment using Message Authentication Code
Authors : K. Govinda, E. Sathiyamoorthy
7 An Investigation on Power Quality Enhancement of Unity Power Factor Buck-Boost- Type Rectifier
Authors : Asha Anu Kurian, Ancy Sara Varghese
8 A Novel MATLAB/Simulink Model of PMSM Drive using Direct Torque Control with SVM
Authors : K Narasimhaiah Achari, B Gururaj, D V Ashok Kumar, M Vijaya Kumar
9 Approaches for Handling Uncertainty in Decision Making
Authors : K. Soundararajan, S. Suresh Kumar