Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80872-01-9)

# Article Title
1 Novel Architectures of Load Side Power Conditioning Units for Micro-Satellites
Authors : Adithya S N, Raghu Raman. S
2 On Chip Packet Routing: An Algorithm for Packet Routing in a Network-on-Chip
Authors : Naren V Tikare
3 An Analysis of Energy-Efficient Data Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Jeevan Pinto, Manjaiah D. H
4 Fuzzy Robustic Technique for Color Image De-noising
Authors : R. Anita Jasmine, J. Ashley Dhas, R. Stella
5 A Novel Approach for Automatic Data Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Pages
Authors : Teena Merin Thomas, V. Vidhya
6 A Multilevel Security Scheme based on UNICODE and RGB Color Model using DNA Cryptography
Authors : Panchami V. , Fasila K. A., Sudhin Vamattam
7 Security using Colors, Figures and Images
Authors : Ajmal K. A. , Dalton Dhavarev, M. Selin, V. P. Abeera
8 Comparative Analysis of Wavelets for Fusion Application
Authors : S. Vasuki, S. Gandhimathi, S. Manicka Vinodhini
9 An Intraframe Coding by Modified DCT Transform using H. 264 Standard
Authors : C. Jilbha Starling, D. Minola Davids C, Seldev Christopher