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Performance Evaluation of Web Crawler

Published on None 2011 by Sandhya, M. Q. Rafiq
International Conference on Emerging Technology Trends
Foundation of Computer Science USA
ICETT2011 - Number 1
None 2011
Authors: Sandhya, M. Q. Rafiq

Sandhya, M. Q. Rafiq . Performance Evaluation of Web Crawler. International Conference on Emerging Technology Trends. ICETT2011, 1 (None 2011), 43-46.

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%I International Journal of Computer Applications

important and popular. To find Web pages one typically uses search engines that are based on the web crawling framework. A web crawler is a software module that fetches data from various servers. The quality of a crawler directly affects the searching quality. So the time to time performance evaluation of the web crawler is needed. This paper proposes a new URL ordering algorithm .It covers major factors that a good ranking algorithm should have. It also overcomes limitation of PAGERANK. It uses all three web mining technique to obtain a score with its parameters relevance .It is expected to get better result than PAGERANK, as implementation of it in a web crawler is still under progress.

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