Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
IJCA solicits original research papers for the July 2023 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is June 20, 2023. Read More


Number 1

Editor's choice: Resistive Touch Sensor based Graphics Plotter on an Embedded Display
Author : Padma Prasada, Sukesh Rao M

Number 2

Editor's choice: Analysis of Optimized Association Rule Mining Algorithm using Genetic Algorithm
Author : Shanta Rangaswami, Shobha G., Pallavi Gupta, Anusha R., Meghana H

Number 3

Editor's choice: A Study on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Classifications
Author : T. Sarath, G. Nagalakshmi, S. Jyothi

Number 4

Editor's choice: Detection and Performance Evaluation of DoS/DDoS Attacks using SYN Flooding Attacks
Author : Karthik Pai B. H, Nagesh H, Abhijit Bhat

Number 5

Number 6

Editor's choice: Combined Operation of Secret Image Fusion, DCT based Compression and Visual Cryptography based Encryption
Author : Prasanna Kumar H. R, Niranjan N. Chiplunkar, Archana R Priyadarshini

Number 7

Editor's choice: Increasing Time Efficiency of Insertion Sort for the Worst Case Scenario
Author : Surabhi Patel, Moirangthem Dennis Singh, Chethan Sharma

Number 8

Editor's choice: A Service Oriented Transaction Invoicing Approach in Cloud Computing
Author : Poral Nagaraja, Meena Sajjan G P