Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 973-93-80887-71-1)

# Article Title
1 An Efficient Algorithm for TCP Attacker Traceback and Countermeasures in MANET using Agents
Authors : P. Ramesh, H. Abdul Rauf, P. Mahalakshmi
2 A Study on Energy Consumption in Mobile Adhoc Network
Authors : Dharani D, Devaki P
3 Tabu Search Algorithm for Localization in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Sivakumar. S, Lehanya. V
4 Improving QoS using Adaptive TXOP Allocation in IEEE 802. 11e WLAN
Authors : V. Ilayaraja, Vasanthakumar. K
5 Job Scheduling in Computational Grid using the Intelligence of Hybrid Fuzzy - Android System
Authors : N. Vijaya Raghavan, R. Sujitha, K. S. Suganya
6 Smart Grid - A Network based Intrusion Detection System
Authors : R. Bala Sri Swetha, K. Goklia Meena
7 Secure Communication in BAN using Modified Fuzzy Vault Scheme
Authors : R. Rekha, R. Vidhyapriya, R. Geetha Rajakumari