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Palmprint Spectral Biometric Authentication System by using ASD FieldSpec 4 Spectroradiometer

IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Cognitive Knowledge Engineering
© 2018 by IJCA Journal
ICKE 2016 - Number 1
Year of Publication: 2018
Anita G. Khandizod
Ratndeep. R. Deshmukh
Stephen G. Karungaru
Soumya Banerjee
Vandana L. Jadhav Patil

Anita G Khandizod, Ratndeep. R Deshmukh, Stephen G Karungaru, Soumya Banerjee and Vandana Jadhav L Patil. Article: Palmprint Spectral Biometric Authentication System by using ASD FieldSpec 4 Spectroradiometer. IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on Cognitive Knowledge Engineering ICKE 2016(1):36-40, January 2018. Full text available. BibTeX

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Biometric spoofing is a method of fooling a biometric identification management system, where an artificial object is presented to the biometric scanner that imitates the unique biological properties of a person which the system is designed to measure, so that the system will not be able to distinguish the artifact from the real biological target. Therefor existing biometric technology can be enhanced with a spectroscopy method. In this paper ASD field Spec 4 Spectroradiometer device is used to overcome this problem. In this paper preprocessing including smoothing like Moving Average, Savitzky-Golay, Median Filter, and then some descriptive statistical operation carried on preprocessed palmprint data. Recognition rate of the system was calculated by using correlation coefficient and the recognition rate of the proposed system is 77. 56 %.


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