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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80975-13-2)

# Article Title
1 Analysis of Different Matching Technique for realization of Effective RF Energy Harvesting Circuit
Authors : Poonam A. Awathare, Sanjay Tembhurne
2 Design and Implementation of HDLC Transmitter using VHDL
Authors : Rupal P. Bende, A. P. Bagade, S. R. Salwe
3 Design of High Speed 32-bit Adder and Sub-tractor Module
Authors : Ashwini B. Kewate, P. R. Indurkar, A . W. Hinganikar
4 Design of 16-bit Vedic Multiplier for Convolutional Encoder using VHDL
Authors : Bhagyashree. V. Dagamwar, R. N. Mandavgane, D. M. Khatri
5 Brain MR Image Registration
Authors : Samiksha Joge, Yogita Dubey
6 Detection of Microaneurysm in Retinal Image
Authors : Snehal Gawande, Nita Nimbarte