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Applications of Kirlian Images

Published on May 2014 by Priyadasrini. K, P. Thangam
International Conference on Simulations in Computing Nexus
Foundation of Computer Science USA
ICSCN - Number 3
May 2014
Authors: Priyadasrini. K, P. Thangam

Priyadasrini. K, P. Thangam . Applications of Kirlian Images. International Conference on Simulations in Computing Nexus. ICSCN, 3 (May 2014), 5-7.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 International Conference on Simulations in Computing Nexus
%A Priyadasrini. K
%A P. Thangam
%T Applications of Kirlian Images
%J International Conference on Simulations in Computing Nexus
%@ 0975-8887
%N 3
%P 5-7
%D 2014
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

The human body emits various radiations such as electromagnetic radiation, infrared, low level visible light and ultra-violet radiation. There are various equipments to measure these radiations. One among them is Kirlian photography which is said to be high voltage electro photography. In this paper a survey of literature based on Kirlian images are carried out. The various processing of Kirlian images such as the application of Kirlian images in diagnosing diseases, the use of machine learning in automatically generating classification rules from the GDV image descriptions and Compression of Kirlian images have been studied. Also, a detailed analysis of the various Kirlian image based systems has been conducted and reported.

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