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Enhancing Relevancy of Search Engine using Schema Matching Techniques

IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on ICT for Healthcare
© 2016 by IJCA Journal
ICTHC 2015 - Number 1
Year of Publication: 2016
Sumit Jain
Sanjay Tanwani
Nitika Dohan

Sumit Jain, Sanjay Tanwani and Nitika Dohan. Article: Enhancing Relevancy of Search Engine using Schema Matching Techniques. IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on ICT for Healthcare ICTHC 2015(1):25-29, April 2016. Full text available. BibTeX

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We are living in the age of global interconnectivity where Internetand related communication technology reign supreme and has taken aplace of basic necessity in business as well as daily routine. Thisinterconnectivity is enhanced extremely with the help of SearchEngine. Tools of Search Engine enable us to find information on theweb database rapidly. On the other hand this rapidity of informationavailability has not been relevant to actual user need. There have beencontinuous efforts to find relevant contents accurately but still theyare far from satisfactory. Therefore there is a need to design efficient and optimum Search Engine to surmount this problem of relevancy. In this paper, we are proposing few novel methods to enhance SearchEngine relevancy in terms of user query. The key aim is to addressand resolve issues that crops up in search outcomes. Existing Schema matching technique identify meaningful documentand their essential features for document selection. It helps inreducing the amount of user efforts. Several matching techniques areused currently for improving the search. Still the results obtainedfrom these matching techniques are far from perfect. So in this paperwe are proposing more efficient schema matching technique namedInstance Based Schema Matching for enhancing the search result. This Instance based schema matching is having an automatic approach to find the name of schema elements, the structure of theschema and formal ontology to improve the search outcomes byretrieving accurate data from web databases. In order to implementSchema Matching Technique for unstructured data requires WrapperGeneration process. This process is used to obtain common format ofdata from different source. It also implements a query engine whichextracts the user query relevance data from target data source. Toobtain accurate and relevant information out of the raised query thereis a need to bring result that displays the list of matched documents.


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