Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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ICWSC (ISBN: 978-93-80865-26-9)

# Article Title
1 Achieving Multidimensional K-Anonymity by a Greedy Approach
Authors :G.Narasimha Murthy, R.Srinivas
2 An Efficient Hybrid Job Scheduling Algorithm for Computational Grids
Authors :G.K.Kamalam, Dr. V.Murali Bhaskaran
3 VBIRS-Visual based Image Retrieval System for Generic Web Image Database
Authors :Umesh K K, Suresha
4 Multiple String Matching Algorithms Performance Study on Beowulf Clusters
Authors :Prasad J C, Dr. K S M Panicker
5 Comparative study of Naïve Bayes Classifier and KNN for Tuberculosis
Authors :Hardik Maniya, Mosin I. Hasan, Komal P. Patel
6 E – Governance: A Successful Implementation of Government Policies using Cloud Computing
Authors :Rashmi Sharma, Anurag Sharma, Dr. U.S. Pandey
7 Content based Sentence Ordering using Spanning Tree Algorithm for Improved Multi Document Summarization
Authors :Ansamma John, Dr M Wilscy
8 Honeypot as a Service in Cloud
Authors :M Balamurugan, B Sri Chitra Poornima
9 A Comparative Analysis on Modeling and Implementing with MVC Architecture
Authors :Tamal Dey
10 Efficient SOA-based Network Management Architecture in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors :S.Rajagopal, T.Senthil
11 A New Proactive Fault Tolerant Approach for Scheduling in Computational Grid
Authors :P.Keerthika, Dr.N.Kasthuri
12 Mining for Secure Web based Business Intelligence Applications
Authors :A.V.Krishna Prasad, Dr.P.Suresh Varma, D.Shravani
13 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol-A Best Open Standard Protocol in Maintaining Redundancy
Authors :Nikhil Hemant Bhagat
14 Issues and Challenges in Ensuring Trust, Security, Performance and Scalability in a Common Multi-Banking Solution
Authors :Sree Rekha.G, V.K.Agrawal