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Study and Analysis of Spherical Microphone Array

Published on May 2018 by Ana Rahmat, O. P. Singh
International Information Security Conference
Foundation of Computer Science USA
IISC2017 - Number 1
May 2018
Authors: Ana Rahmat, O. P. Singh

Ana Rahmat, O. P. Singh . Study and Analysis of Spherical Microphone Array. International Information Security Conference. IISC2017, 1 (May 2018), 17-19.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 International Information Security Conference
%A Ana Rahmat
%A O. P. Singh
%T Study and Analysis of Spherical Microphone Array
%J International Information Security Conference
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%V IISC2017
%N 1
%P 17-19
%D 2018
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

The microphones Arrays provides a wide range of applications in the field of source localization, sound reconstruction, beamforming, spatial sound field Analysis etc. using a spherical Harmonics . Speaker Identification, speech recognition, teleconferencing, Video conferencing are the commercial applicable application of spherical microphone Array. Spherical microphone Array is an open or rigid type which provides a number of advantages over single microphone system. This paper briefly describes the model of spherical microphone array, spatial sampling and present the numerical Analysis of spherical harmonics which can be used for locating the multiple sources in 3D space

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