Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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Medha (ISBN: 973-93-80870-65-0)

# Article Title
1 Spam Detection and Filtering using Different Methods
Authors : Bhawana S. Dakhare, Ujwala V. Gaikwad
2 Implementation of Image Retrieval using Co-occurrence Matrix and Texton Co-occurrence matrix
Authors : Sunita P. Aware
3 Comparative Study of Cloud Computing and Mobile Cloud Computing
Authors : Medhavi S. Shriwas, Neetesh Gupta, Amit Sinhal
4 Investigation of Steering Parameters using Artificial Neural Network Simulation
Authors : Pramod Belkhode
5 A Survey of Black hole and Worm hole Attack on Routing Protocol AODV in MANET
Authors : Sanket P. Gulhane, Ram Kumar Solanki, Nitesh A. Timande
6 CBIR using Bucketing and Histogram
Authors : Sangita Chaudhari, Nitin P. Kshirsagar, Jitendra S. Saturwar
7 A Map Reduce Implementation on Open Source Platform: EUCALYPTUS
Authors : Nilesh Mangtani, Jyoti B. Rathi
8 A Survey of Reliable Transport Layer Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Abhijeet G. Bagadi, Sambhaji Sarode, Jagdish W. Bakal
9 Machine Learning Approaches for Detecting Intrusions in Network System
Authors : S. V. Shirbhate, V. M. Thakare, S. S. Sherekar
10 A Survey of Congestion Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Aniket M Junghare, Deepali M. Shimpi
11 Special Approach for Recognition of Handwritten MODI Script's Vowels
Authors : D. N. Besekar
12 Review on Fault Diagnosis in Three-Phase Induction Motor
Authors : K . K. Pandey, P. H. Zope, S. R. Suralkar
13 Fault Identification in IC Engine using DSP and ANN
Authors : M. R. Parate, S. N. Dandare