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Cloned Screen Application

Published on December 2014 by Khalid Salim Al Risi, Shermina J
Majan College International Conference
Foundation of Computer Science USA
MIC - Number 1
December 2014
Authors: Khalid Salim Al Risi, Shermina J

Khalid Salim Al Risi, Shermina J . Cloned Screen Application. Majan College International Conference. MIC, 1 (December 2014), 17-21.

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Cloned Screen application is wonderful screen capture software. The basic idea of this software is to copy the text from an image, captured screen or active windows. If the image contains a text and if the text is needed in the text format, it will take a long time in rewriting the text in notepad or word documents in the text format. In this software, this process can be made easy without wastage of time by capturing the screen or importing image of scan from scanner to copy the text needed from the image in no more than four clicks. CSA application is developed to save time and effort in text extraction process and easy to share text through the communication applications installed on android device. However, it also included two new developing features which allow user to connect to his personal computer to share the text or note with computer that can print and transfer file into computer as word document or text file. The website of CSA provided all information about CSA, the new features incorporated in this application and how to use the application through PDF guide file and videos description.

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