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Location based Alarm using Mobile Device

Published on December 2014 by Fatema Rashid Al Jhawari, T. Sheeba
Majan College International Conference
Foundation of Computer Science USA
MIC - Number 1
December 2014
Authors: Fatema Rashid Al Jhawari, T. Sheeba

Fatema Rashid Al Jhawari, T. Sheeba . Location based Alarm using Mobile Device. Majan College International Conference. MIC, 1 (December 2014), 27-34.

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Location based services are essential components of many location-based applications. Location based alarm represent an emerging location-aware, just-in-time web services, which can propagate information of location to the right users at the right time and the right place. It reminds the user about the location when the user enters some predefined location of interest in the future. All the user needs to have is the mobile phone with android platform, and then the user can select the destination and find the destination on the Google map. The user can even choose from preselected major locations or recently selected locations. The main objective of the project is to develop a GPS (Global Positioning System) based application to handle the following requirements: To alert the users through an alarm when the user reaches near a preset location, To retrieve the users current location coordinates (Latitudes and Longitudes), To allows users to set their target location and save that target to the list, Allows user to delete and edit the alarms, To allow user to the put the reminder text along with the alarm. The final system allow user to easily activate alarm in the mobile device. Based on the saved location on the mobile device, alarm will ring automatically and display remainder message when the user reaches the target location. This mobile alarm service will act as assistance for the frequent travelers to visit new places.

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