Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
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MLCONF (ISBN: 973-93-80881-37-5)

# Article Title
1 Latent Palm Fused with Fingerprint to Improve Authentication Performance
Authors : Karthikeyani. K, Thangasamy. S, Latha. L
2 Estimation of Chlorophyll Content in Papaya Leaf using Mathematical Operations
Authors : P. Karthika, R. Hemakarthika, Jaya Chandra, E. Joicerathinam
3 A Novel Approach to Detect the Wounds in Human Skin using Image Processing Techniques
Authors : K. Anuradaa, R. Saranya, N. Jayachandra, P. Muthamilselvi
4 Data Compression and Hiding using Improved Vector Quantization Techniques
Authors : A. Suresh, P. Malathi
5 User Verification by Hierarchical Palmprint Matching
Authors : S. Yagasudha, L. Latha, S. Thangasamy
6 Person Identification using Multiple Fingerprint Matching
Authors : K. Sindhu, L. Latha
7 Electrocardiogram Beat Classification using Probabilistic Neural Network
Authors : Banupriya C. V, Karpagavalli. S