Call for Paper - November 2019 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80892-06-3)

# Article Title
1 A Case Study: Stream Data Mining Classification
Authors : Ketan Sanjay Desale, Roshani Ade
2 Methodology for Gender Identification, Classification and Recognition of Human Age
Authors : Shivaji J Chaudhari, Ramesh M. Kagalkar
3 Patient Controlled Encryption using Key Aggregation with Blowfish Algorithm
Authors : Rashmi Khawale, Roshani Ade
4 Secured Mobile Video Streaming and Effective Video Sharing in the Cloud
Authors : Dattatray Reddy, Arti Mohanpurkar
5 Review of Global Access to Cloud Emergency Medical Services
Authors : Jayashree Guthe, Alka Vishwa
6 A Review on Imbalanced Learning Methods
Authors : Varsha S. Babar, Roshani Ade
7 A Review of Merging based on Suffix Tree Clustering
Authors : Priya S. Pujari, Arti Waghmare
8 Dynamic Scaling of Resources in Cloud Systems
Authors : Pancham Baruah, Arti Mohanpurkar