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Number 3 (ISBN: 973-93-80892-07-5)

# Article Title
1 Review on Agent based Cloud Computing
Authors : Pradnya Haushiram Unde, Arti Mohanpurkar
2 Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage
Authors : Pawar P. R, Aarti Waghmare
3 Scalable Privacy Preservation in Big Data-A Review
Authors : Priyanka Shivaji Gawali, Arti Mohanpurkar
4 Proof of Duplication Detection in Data by Applying Similarity Strategies
Authors : Varsha Wandhekar, Arti Mohanpurkar
5 Review Paper on Sign Language Recognition Techniques
Authors : Rashmi B. Hiremath, Ramesh M. Kagalkar
6 Review Paper on Video Content Analysis into Text Description
Authors : Vandana D. Edke, Ramesh M. Kagalkar
7 Effective Fast and Fuzzy Art Map Performance to Detect Intrusion
Authors : Swati A Sonawale, Roshani Ade
8 Intrusion Detection based on Incremental Combining Classifiers
Authors : Dipali Bhosale, Roshani Ade
9 Review on Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Data Sharing on Cloud
Authors : Dipali R. Sakhare, Arti Mohanpurkar