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Improved Indexing Technique for Information Retrieval based on Ontological Concepts

Published on December 2015 by Komal Shivaji Mule, Arti Waghmare
National Conference on Advances in Computing
Foundation of Computer Science USA
NCAC2015 - Number 4
December 2015
Authors: Komal Shivaji Mule, Arti Waghmare

Komal Shivaji Mule, Arti Waghmare . Improved Indexing Technique for Information Retrieval based on Ontological Concepts. National Conference on Advances in Computing. NCAC2015, 4 (December 2015), 5-9.

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%A Komal Shivaji Mule
%A Arti Waghmare
%T Improved Indexing Technique for Information Retrieval based on Ontological Concepts
%J National Conference on Advances in Computing
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%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Ontology has a richer internal structure as it includes relations and constraints between the concepts. Ontology can be used for information retrieval. Ontology is a halfway determination of a conceptual vocabulary to be utilized for formulating knowledge-level hypotheses around a domain of discourse. The key part of ontology is to help knowledge sharing and reuse. The process of allotting descriptions to documents in an IRS is called indexing. In previous system zone based indexing is introduced which has certain drawbacks. It helps finding results of user's query with exact match. A new technique is proposed which improves results. In this technique web pages are stored in xml database. Zones are formed in database. In case exact match is not found in xml database using zone based indexing then proximity of keyword is retrieved from the n-ary tree which is constructed using ontology. WordNet is used as dictionary for finding related words similar to user's query. A separate dictionary is created for words that are not present in WordNet. This application can be implemented in Libraries for access of books. Even if exact match is not available then also some of the related books can be retrieved. The aim of proposed system is to achieve higher Retrieval Status Value.

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Computer Science
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Information Retrieval ontology Rsv N-ary Zone Based Indexing.