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Number 6 (ISBN: 973-93-80892-10-4)

# Article Title
1 Context Awareness of Social Internet of Things
Authors : Minal A. Zope, Prajwal G. Gaikwad
2 Challenges in Iot with Basic Algorithm for Friend Selection
Authors : Prajwal S. Gaikwad, Minal A. Zope
3 Smart Farm using Wireless Sensor Network
Authors : Vaibhavraj S. Roham, Ganesh A. Pawar, Abhijeet S. Patil, Prasad R. Rupnar
4 Biometric Fingerprint Authentication for Security using Minutiae Matching
Authors : Archana C. Lomte
5 One Stop Solution for Farmer Consumer Interaction
Authors : Deshpande Radhika, Bhalekar Dipali, Mutkule Prasad, Sanjay Pandhare, Nawale Akshay
6 Size based Multithreaded Scheduler for Hadoop Framework
Authors : Poonam S. Patil, Rajesh N. Phursule
7 Effective Feature Selection Approach using Genetic Algorithm for Numerical Data
Authors : Ketan Sanjay Desale, Balaji Mane, Prashant Berkile, Sushant Shivale
8 Effective Approach for Classification of Nominal Data
Authors : Ketan Sanjay Desale, Balaji Govind Shelale, Sushant Navsare, Dipak Bodade, Krishnkumar. K. Khandelwal
9 A Survey of Image Fusion using Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Jyoti S. Kulkarni, Rajan Kumar S. Bichkar