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Multimedia Content Security using Image Encryption

Published on September 2014 by Reshu Choudhary, Arun Jb
National Conference on Advances in Technology and Applied Sciences
Foundation of Computer Science USA
NCATAS - Number 1
September 2014
Authors: Reshu Choudhary, Arun Jb

Reshu Choudhary, Arun Jb . Multimedia Content Security using Image Encryption. National Conference on Advances in Technology and Applied Sciences. NCATAS, 1 (September 2014), 30-33.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 National Conference on Advances in Technology and Applied Sciences
%A Reshu Choudhary
%A Arun Jb
%T Multimedia Content Security using Image Encryption
%J National Conference on Advances in Technology and Applied Sciences
%@ 0975-8887
%N 1
%P 30-33
%D 2014
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

Today web is going towards the multimedia data in which image covers the highest percentage of it. But with the ever-increasing growth of multimedia applications, security is an important aspect in communication and storage of images, and encryption is the way to ensure security. Image encryption techniques try to convert original image to another image that is hard to understand and to keeps the image confidential between users. Valuable multimedia content such as digital images, however, is vulnerable to unauthorized access while in storage and during transmission over a network. Visual cryptography is a method for protecting image based secrets that has a computation-free decoding process. In this proposed technique a color images are used, and by applying proposed algorithm image decryption is successfully achieved with satisfactory results. Encrypted Image quality measurement is done with PSNR calculation. MATLAB is used for applying algorithm, simulated results shows that secure image transmission can achieved without revealing information about image content.

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