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A Ticket based Security Framework for Fast Transmission in Wireless Mesh Network

Published on April 2017 by Priyanka Patel, Abhay Kothari
National Conference on Contemporary Computing
Foundation of Computer Science USA
NCCC2016 - Number 1
April 2017
Authors: Priyanka Patel, Abhay Kothari

Priyanka Patel, Abhay Kothari . A Ticket based Security Framework for Fast Transmission in Wireless Mesh Network. National Conference on Contemporary Computing. NCCC2016, 1 (April 2017), 1-4.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 National Conference on Contemporary Computing
%A Priyanka Patel
%A Abhay Kothari
%T A Ticket based Security Framework for Fast Transmission in Wireless Mesh Network
%J National Conference on Contemporary Computing
%@ 0975-8887
%V NCCC2016
%N 1
%P 1-4
%D 2017
%I International Journal of Computer Applications

In recent years, Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) has been emerged out as the next generation of wireless communication networks due to its economical feature in the era of broadband services it supports. However, security issues inherent in WMNs or any wireless networks needed to be considered before the deployment of such networks, since it is disagreeable to subscribers to acquire services without the assurance of security and privacy. Wireless security has become the hot are in the literature for diverse network technologies such as ad hoc networks, cellular networks, local area networks and sensor networks etc. On the other hand, the network authority necessitates the provisional anonymity such that all the misbehaving entities in the network remain traceable. This paper introduces a ticket based security framework to make sure the unconditional anonymity for honest users and traceability of misbehaving users. The proposed architecture strives to resolve the divergence between the anonymity and traceability, in addition to ensuring these objectives it also pledges the fundamental security requirements by providing the location privacy and without relying on the central authority.

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