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A New Interplanetary Communication System to Reduce Time Delay

Published on April 2017 by Ankit Pachouri, Nishant Pachori
National Conference on Contemporary Computing
Foundation of Computer Science USA
NCCC2016 - Number 1
April 2017
Authors: Ankit Pachouri, Nishant Pachori

Ankit Pachouri, Nishant Pachori . A New Interplanetary Communication System to Reduce Time Delay. National Conference on Contemporary Computing. NCCC2016, 1 (April 2017), 29-31.

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%0 Proceeding Article
%1 National Conference on Contemporary Computing
%A Ankit Pachouri
%A Nishant Pachori
%T A New Interplanetary Communication System to Reduce Time Delay
%J National Conference on Contemporary Computing
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%P 29-31
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%I International Journal of Computer Applications

In the present interplanetary communication, there is always a time delay and it increases with the increase in the distance. As electromagnetic waves are the medium of communication and these waves travel at the speed of light so it is difficult to reduce this delay. But the theory of relativity (time dilation) says that when an object travels at very high speed then time for that object moves at the slower rate as compared to the object which is at rest. So, on the basis of this principle, we establish robots in the orbit of the Earth and other planets and start rotating them at the speed of light. When these robots take part in communication then delay can be minimized because whole communication system is at the speed of light and time for this system will move at the slower rate as compared to Earth. In the present system of communication the whole system is not at speed of light, therefore this delay is occurring. Thus, by this proposed method this problem can be solved. This method has certain limitations but it can be still used very effectively for the different purposes.

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