Segmentation of Offline Printed and Handwritten Mathematical Expressions

IJCA Proceedings on National Conference on Digital Image and Signal Processing
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NCDISP 2016 - Number 2
Year of Publication: 2016
Manisha Bharambe

Manisha Bharambe. Article: Segmentation of Offline Printed and Handwritten Mathematical Expressions. IJCA Proceedings on National Conference on Digital Image and Signal Processing NCDISP 2016(2):1-5, August 2016. Full text available. BibTeX

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Mathematical expression recognition is an active research field and it becomes a challenging problem in the field of Optical character recognition. The fundamental problem of mathematical expression recognition system is the Off-line Printed expression recognition. One of the difficulties of handwritten mathematical symbol recognition lies in the variability of the symbols, different fonts in addition to the recognition of other language characters. The segmentation is the most important phase in the recognition of the expression. This paper deals with efficient segmentation technique to segment logical mathematical expressions with subscripts. In this paper, the database of 288 printed expressions and 960 handwritten expressions using logical symbols was developed. The proposed algorithm was tested on the handwritten and the printed expression database and the results are quite promising.


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