Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
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NCETICT (ISBN: 973-93-80880-97-5)

# Article Title
1 A Color Image Enhancement based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Authors : G. Saravanan, G. Yamuna, R. Vivek
2 Hybrid Contrast Enhancement Approach for Medical Image
Authors : B. Ganesan, G. Yamuna, Sudhir Kumar Suman
3 Comparison of Successive and Segmented Watermarking Techniques for Colour Images
Authors : N. Mohananthini, G. Yamuna, R. Vivek
4 Combined DCT – CS Theory based Digital Watermarking Technique for Color Images
Authors : Rohit M. Thanki, Komal R. Borisagar
5 Requirement of Mobile IP, its Issues and Solutions
Authors : Milan Vachhani, Priyanka Ramani
6 Proposed Booting Screen and Architecture in Regional Language for Linux based Mobile Devices
Authors : Milan S. Bhatt, Prashant M. Dolia
7 Various Location Update Strategies in Mobile Computing
Authors : Kalpesh A. Popat, Priyanka Sharma
8 Classifiers based Approach for Pre-Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Disease
Authors : K. Balachandran, R. Anitha
9 Design of Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless Networks With Small Flow Completion Time
Authors : Atul Gonsai, Bhargavi Goswami, Udit Narayan Kar