Call for Paper - October 2019 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 978-93-80865-52-8)

# Article Title
1 Financial Forecasting using Neural Networks: A Review
Authors :Punam Varghade, Prof. Rahila Sheikh
2 A Web based Temperature Monitoring System using Linux
Authors :Sanjay P. Pande, Yogesh M. Narekar, Gendlal M. Vaidya
3 Intrusion Detection through Ensemble Classification Approach
Authors :Priyanka J. Pathak, Snehlata S. Dongre
4 Combine Approach for Speech and Gesture Recognition
Authors :N.D.Sonwane
5 Securing Mobile Ad-hoc Network against Malicious nodes
Authors :Manish Chand Sahu, Rekha Pandit, Sunil Phulre
6 Intelligent Rain sensing for Vision -based Smart Windshield wiper system
Authors :Sonali B.Madankar, Dr.Milind.M.Khanapurkar
7 Two Stage Impulse Noise Removal Technique based on Neural Network and Fuzzy Decisions
Authors :Prachi C. Khanzode, Dr.S.A.Ladhake
8 A Novel Full Adder with High Speed Low Area
Authors :G.Shyam Kishore