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Number 6 (ISBN: 978-93-80865-57-7)

# Article Title
1 Performance Evaluation of AODV protocol In MANET using NS2 Simulator
Authors :Nisarg Gandhewar, Rahila Patel
2 Modeling and Design of String Musical Synthesizer
Authors :Sofia K. Pillai, J. J. Shah
3 Development of An Embedded Web Server System for Controlling and Monitoring of Remote Devices
Authors :Indu Hariyale, V.A.Gulhane
4 A Survey on Mood Condition Detection and Fatigue Measurement Methodology
Authors :Suwarna A. Hajare, Prof. Chhaya S. Dule
5 An Approach For Process Migration using Task Scheduling
Authors :Prof. M.B. Chandak, Chandu Vaidya
6 Wireless Body Area Sensor Network Authentication using HMAC function
Authors :Yogita L. Kumbhare, Pankaj H. Rangaree, Dr.G.M.Asutkar
7 Design Approach of Projector Interface Device using ARM
Authors :Pranjali Khiratkar, Prof. P. P. Rane
8 Smart stick for Blind: Obstacle Detection, Artificial vision and Real-time assistance via GPS
Authors :Shruti Dambhare, Prof. A.Sakhare